Beware of the Dog from Q on Vimeo.

Director : Q-hyun Kim
Sound : Q-hyun Kim / SBA
Music : Hyejun Lee
Produced at Sejong Univ.

A newspaper delivery boy and a dog get engaged into a man-to-dog fight, as the delivery boy tries to make the delivery and the dog tries to stop him forced by his master.

/신문을 배달해야만 하는 신문배달원과 집주인의 압박으로 신문배달원을 막아야만 하는 개와의 기상천외한 대결. 결국 그들은 본연의 목적을 잊고 서로 이기는 것에만 정신이 팔린다. 그러나 그들이 대결하게 된 원인은 다른 곳에 있다.

2009 Won the Great prize, Seoul Broadcasting System Animation Awards, Korea.
2009 Won the Participation prize, Tokyo Broadcasting System DigiCon6 local Awards, Japan.
2009 Won the Excellent works, Asiagraph 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.
2008 Won the Best film at Feb, Korean Tobacco & Ginseng, Sang Sang Ma-dang, Korea.
2008 Won the Parkland prize, Busan Asia Short Film Festival, Korea.
2008 Selected Panorama film, SICAF, Korea.
2008 Selected Competition film, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korea.
2008 Invited in World Amazing animations session, Indie-Panda International Film Fest, Hong Kong.
2008 Selected competition film,PISAF, Korea.
2008 Selected one of Asian corner films, E-magiciens, France.
2007 Won the Grand prize, Sejong University Cartoons And Animation Awards, Korea.

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