he is a character animator, film maker and also educator. he has worked at sony picutures imageworks, framestore, cinesite, zoic studios, pixomondo and so on for 10yrs. now, he is a professor of Chung-Ang University in south korea on tenure-track. 
his personal works has got many awards and selection at various famous festivals such as cannes film festival, student academy awards, sicaf, pisaf, busan asian film festival and so on.

contact : algomalgo@gmail.com


Articles and Interviews

2019 - Article on ‘Spiderman : Into the Spider-verse’ : SVA written by Rodrigo Perez (Eng)
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2016 - Goonz : Indie-Anifest
2014 - Mirror : SVA Theater
2012 - Mirror : Aurora Picture Show

Spiderman : Into the Spiderverse (2019)
2019  Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
2019  Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film
2019  Annie Award for Best Animated Feature
2019  BAFTA

Smallfoot (2018)
2019 Annie Award
2019 VES Award

MIRROR (2012)
2013 Grand Prize at International Students Creative Awards 2013
2013 FILE ANIMA+ 2013’s edition
2013 Honorable mention at ASIFA-East Animation Festival
2013 Competition work at Crossroads Film Festival
2012 Semi-Finalist at Student Academy Award
2012 Short Film Corner at Festival de Cannes.
2012 Semi-Finalist at Adobe Achievement Awards.
2012 Finalist at Short Nonstop of Canadian Film Centre
2012 Screening at aurora Picture Show
2012 Honorable Mention at Asian On Film Awards
2012 Competition work at G-Technology Driven Creativity Competition
2012 Competition work at Asian Film Festival of Dallas.
2012 Competition work at Athens Animation Festival.
2012 Competition work at FILMETS.
2012 Competition work at International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI.
2012 Competition work at Phenom Film Fest.

Beware of Dog (2007)
2009 Won the Great prize, Seoul Broadcasting System Animation Awards, Korea.
2009 Won the Participation prize, Tokyo Broadcasting System DigiCon6 local Awards, Japan.
2009 Won the Excellent works, Asiagraph 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.
2008 Won the Best film at Feb, Korean Tobacco & Ginseng, Sang Sang Ma-dang, Korea.
2008 Won the Parkland prize, Busan Asia Short Film Festival, Korea.
2008 Selected Panorama film, SICAF, Korea.
2008 Selected Competition film, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korea.
2008 Invited in World Amazing animations session, Indie-Panda International Film Fest, Hong Kong.
2008 Selected competition film,PISAF, Korea.
2008 Selected one of Asian corner films, E-magiciens, France.
2007 Won the Grand prize, Sejong University Cartoons And Animation Awards, Korea.

Camera (2007)
2008 Hiroshima International Animation Festival
2008 대학만화애니최강전 “대상”
2008 SICAF
2008 일본 야마카타 Movie Festival “준 그랑프리”

The Silent Library (2006)
2007 Won Grand prize(Korea) and a Work Prize(Japan) – Mobile Comic Award 1st,Japan
2007 SBS(SeoulBroadcastingSystem)-Ani-Gallery
2006 Won Grand Prize at May – CGLAND (www.cgland.com), Korea
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