MIRROR-Trailer from Q on Vimeo.

Director : Q-hyun Kim
Adviser : Youngwoong Jang
Sound : Casual-T
Music : Hyejun Lee
Produced at SVA MFACA

Mirror is about how standards of happiness differ from person to person. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Two cats, living in completely different worlds, switch places through a mirror and experience each other’s life. To feel happiness, we need to be satisfied with each of our lives after all. This tries to answer to this somewhat serious theme in a witty way.

/미러는 행복의 상대성에 관한 이야기이다. 남의 떡이 더 커보이듯이, 미러에서 서로 전혀 반대의 환경에 사는 두 고양이가 거울을 통해 삶이 뒤바뀌면서 다른삶을 살아본다. 행복을 느끼기위해서는 결국 우리 삶에 만족을 해야한다. 미러는 이런 심각한 주제에 대한 대답을 위트있게 풀어가는 작품이다.

2013 Grand Prize at International Students Creative Awards 2013
2013 FILE ANIMA+ 2013’s edition
2013 Honorable mention at ASIFA-East Animation Festival
2013 Competition work at Crossroads Film Festival
2012 Semi-Finalist at Student Academy Award
2012 Short Film Corner at Festival de Cannes.
2012 Semi-Finalist at Adobe Achievement Awards.
2012 Finalist at Short Nonstop of Canadian Film Centre
2012 Screening at aurora Picture Show
2012 Honorable Mention at Asian On Film Awards
2012 Competition work at G-Technology Driven Creativity Competition
2012 Competition work at Asian Film Festival of Dallas.
2012 Competition work at Athens Animation Festival.
2012 Competition work at FILMETS.
2012 Competition work at International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI.
2012 Competition work at Phenom Film Fest.

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Mirror_Making Movie from Q on Vimeo.

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